October 11, 2016 daven

The Atomic Memory to Store Books

With each passing year, people are becoming increasingly interested in reading as a way to guarantee self-development. Towards this end, some researchers have designed and created an atomic memory with a capacity that supersedes any storage device that man has ever made. The atomic memory encodes all the data that it wants to store data by data which makes it possible for the memory device to have hundred times more storage capacity than the current hard disks.

According to Sander Otte, a leading physicist at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience arm of Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology, “You would need just the area of a postage stamp to write out all books ever written”.  The researchers explained that if they could create a cube that has the same diameter as the human hair, the cube will have a storage capacity that will easily store all the contents of the whole Library of Congress of the United States.

The need to outsource company

This innovation will contribute significantly to the storage of information for the human society, which will make information available on our finger tips.

However, the production of the right quantity for everyone will be demanding and challenging. Therefore, it is advisable that the production of this device should be outsourced. There are a lot of benefits that come with the outsourcing of production of such magnitude.

1. It saves time: Time is the strongest factor why outsourcing should be considered. Since the production will be huge, outsourcing some parts of the production to competent companies will lead to more production at faster rate. This will come as an added advantage to the company as the faster turnaround can be deployed for other important things.

2. It is less expensive: Since the outsourcing company will already have some of the equipment necessary for the production of such device, it will reduce the cost of production if you have to reinvent the wheels. Since there other areas where such money could be used for, outsourcing will be a good choice.

3. It guarantees people better services: There is no doubting the fact that people will appreciate better services always. Outsourcing will make this possible as the outsourcing company will want to give a very good account of itself so as to either build a good reputation or maintain the existing one.

4. Access to better equipment and technology: The technology to produce this device may be complex and too expensive to be purchased for the purpose of producing this device only. If the production is outsourced, a company that already has its equipment and technology will not find it too expensive or challenging to use the equipment to produce it

Considering all of the advantages of outsourcing that are highlighted above, it is not out of place to outsource the production of the awesome storage device.

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