“Self-Made Millionaire & New York Times Best Selling Author, Daven Michaels Reveals How To Grow Your Business 400% Or More In the Next 12 Months By Using His Business Mastery System”

Here's Just Part Of What You'll Learn:

  • How easy it is to dominate your industry and create bigger paydays.
  • How I take businesses which haven't budged for years and transform them into profit machines in a matter of months.
  • Marketing & Sales - learn how to generate more sales, work with better clients and charge higher prices for your products and services.
  • Innovation - how to refresh what you offer to the market and find new markets for your existing products.
  • Systems - if you’re going to double, triple (or more) your business then you need the right systems in place so you can spend less time doing the mundane, routine tasks and more time doing what you're going to learn here at Business Mastery Live.
  • Mindset - learn how to replace the negative thoughts in your head with the supporting mindset tools that make you resilient.
  • Accurate Thinking - once you learn how to clear the emotional fog, your next steps become crystal clear. Learn how to get ahead of your competitors, access brand new markets and open up new profit centres with ease.
  • And the personal system I used to scale my business to over 400 employees while taking a year-round vacation with my family!

Who Is Daven Michaels And Why Should You Listen To Him?

At 15 Daven started his first business, a clothing store in Hollywood. After a slow start he began turning it around and by 25 years of age he had earned his first million dollars.

Since then Daven has turned multiple passions into prosperous businesses.

He's created money from retail, music, telecommunications and real estate industries.

Daven is a best-selling author, TV and music producer, and frequently shares his guerrilla marketing tactics on TV and radio.

And 9 years ago, Daven saw how many businesses were being strangled by the difficulties and costs of hiring full-time employees. As a result he founded one of the largest and fastest growing outsourcing providers in the Philippines which now employees 100's of employees on 3 continents.

Daven is also an active business educator, training thousands of people to dominate their market by outsourcing everything they can so they can be free to spend their time on the things that actually produce income.


NOTE: You will learn cutting-edge strategies that you can instantly apply to your business to rapidly grow and sustain it... and that’s just a fraction of what you'll learn!

This is a content-rich workshop full of unique, step-by-step content that you can use straight away to create your ultimate lifestyle of freedom while rapidly growing your business. When you come to Business Mastery Live, you'll get everything you need to BOOST your Productivity, Revenue, Profits, and Efficiency.

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Recent Testimonials From Attendees

I wouldn't be where I'm at if it wasn't for Daven

"I’ve been working with Daven for a couple years now and he has have made all the difference in my businesses and has been the reason my businesses have grown and continued to create more and more income. One of the things that's great is it has freed me up from all the tasks that I just don't have time to do and allows me to focus on the income generating activities in my business. I wouldn't be where I'm at in my businesses and my life today if it wasn't for Daven."

I lost control in my life...

"I came to this event with very little knowledge of back-end marketing which I learned a LOT from you guys and I've realized that I’ve lost control of my time and my life... and I'm not the only one here who has. Being a perfectionist I have now learned that I just have to let go in order to grow. I want to thank Daven and everyone from the bottom of my heart for this experience!"

Thank you for empowering me!

"I've been to a fair amount of internet marketing events and always feel like they leave out a critical piece. This is the first time I've gotten everything A-Z to where I can implement it myself or have it in a done-for-you form so I can have the choice and the power to do it either way. I just want to thank you for taking the time to empower us and give us this information. Thank you!"

It's been mind-blowing!

"This weekend has been a complete eye-opener for me, I do know computers and the internet but I've never known about the back-end side like I've learned at this event. This has been a great weekend and the whole experience... it's been mindblowing!"

It's an honor to have been here!

"Absolutely brilliant! I came here not knowing exactly what to expect but wondered how you were going to fill the time. You all gave us a shot of rejuvenation and passion for life more so than anyone in the world. Thank you for who you are and what you do! It's an honor to say we have been here and to have shared this with you!"

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*We'll respect your inbox like we respect our own. Your info is safe with us.

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