Join My Business Coaching Program and Get the Support You Need to Build a Solid, Real Business!

Congratulations on taking the leap and starting your own business! Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest, most rewarding paths you’ll ever walk in your life… but I can help make it a little bit easier. 

I’ve been doing this for over 30 years of my life, and I’ve built and grown multiple six-figure businesses in that time. This coaching program is your chance to leverage my experience and catapult your business past the growing pains that most entrepreneurs inevitably face.

My exclusive six-month Business Coaching + Mastermind program will support you through the process of implementing everything you need to build a solid, scalable, and even sellable business!

Here’s everything that will be delivered in the package:

  • Weekly Mastery Retreats Concierge Coaching Calls
  • 6 Months of Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • A Complete Agency Training Course
  • Members Portal with Archived Training & Coaching Sessions

Together, we will get you on the fastest path to an executive level salary, and a business that changes the world. Are you ready?

Here’s what the curriculum looks like…

Module 1: Identifying your ideal niche for you to prospect and serve

The first critical step to having a successful agency is identifying the perfect niche to focus on, and sticking to that one niche. By doing this you will become an expert at serving that niche, and you will build a history of success stories of how you have served other people in the same profession. These stories will make prospects’ ears perk up, and have them eager to do business with you!

During this Module You Will:

Module 2: Sales basics

Selling is just effective communication. But, there is an art and a science to it. When done properly, sales conversations are natural and enjoyable for both you and your prospects. If done improperly, you will be anxious, nervous, and your prospects will experience pressure and you’ll have a hard time signing up clients. So, working to teach you what you need to know to be effective at sales.

During this Module You Will:

Module 3: Let’s talk Upsells and referrals!

Once you acquire a client, you are then positioned to offer them higher levels of services, which will provide tremendous value to them while at the same time be simple for you to provide. This means 2 to 3 times the income per client for you, without much more work!

During this Module You Will:

Module 4: Team Building

This module is about team building, team leadership, and team Management. This is the way to take your agency to the next level. This is the answer to the question of how to have a thriving agency without it being tethered to you. It’s all about leadership. During this Module You Will:

Module 5: Brand Building

Brand building is critical. This will give you the ability to demand higher prices for your services, and stay top-of-mind in your market.

During this Module You Will:

Module 6: Business structuring and infrastructure

This module is all about the basic and critical components you need in place to have a real business, not just a hobby. This is about running your company as a CEO, instead of creating another job for yourself.

During this Module You Will:

Module 7: Setting up your business to be sold for a massive payday!

There are big corporations with acquisitions departments, that can purchase your business for millions of dollars, provided you set it up in a way that makes it attractive to them to buy. We’ll show you the secrets for setting your business up right, for this massive payday! 

During this Module You Will:

Now is the time to move your business and your life forward to a whole new level!

The Mastery Retreats Mastermind is a six month intensive that will take you from square one to having a solid and real business! This is the big time!

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