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Closing a Room of 4,000 People!


I LOVE speaking to entrepreneurs.

There’s nothing more thrilling to me than a high energy crowd who respond to my message with enthusiasm.

And when I recently spoke in Brighton, UK, I faced a room full of nearly 4,000 passionate people!

I like experiences like this so much that I never stop booking international speaking gigs—even while I have a brick-and-mortar business to run halfway around the world and countless other side projects that need my attention.

That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time and energy honing my ability to outsource, delegate, and manage remotely. I call it “living the laptop lifestyle,” and it enables me to run my businesses from the most exotic places in the world (or, you know, Brighton, UK).

Here’s a behind-the-scenes, day-in-the-life where I prepare for my Brighton gig while simultaneously managing my other responsibilities around the world.