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Daven Michaels is a serial entrepreneur who has turned multiple, diverse, ventures into extremely successful businesses, including a few multimillion dollar home runs. He has been a Crypto entrepreneur & investor since 2016, and he currently serves as Executive Chairman for CurrentC Group, a Renewable Energy provider to the Crypto Mining industry.

Over the course of his entrepreneurial career, Daven has put together a resume jam-packed with diverse and impressive business accomplishments. Daven started his first business at the tender age of 15 when he began designing clothing for local musicians. Before long he was designing clothing for some of the biggest bands of the 80s and 90s. He went on to start a communications company from scratch and expanded into 60 different U.S. cities.

From there, Daven re-entered the entertainment industry becoming the biggest electronic music event producer in the U.S. He also had a successful career as a recording artist and a much longer career as a music and television producer.

In 2006 Daven launched 123Employee, a Virtual Employee center with several managed facilities in the Philippines. He started with one employee and eventually grew to over 1,000 employees across 3 different continents. During that time he achieved one of his favorite accomplishments: landing on The New York Times Bestseller list for his hit book “Outsource Smart.”

Daven is also committed to using his business expertise to help aspiring entrepreneurs build the lives of their dreams. He founded an entire association (Virtual Entrepreneurs Association) dedicated to providing resources and support for entrepreneurs and small business owners at any stage of their careers. And he travels the globe regularly to give seminars, speak on stages, attend conferences, and join Masterminds.

Daven is also a highly-successful Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur and investor. Along with several well-executed investment plays in the deep and lucrative world of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), he helped launch CurrentC Group, a sustainable power provider to the Crypto Mining industry, where he serves as Executive Chairman.

Sample Questions

Daven, you have a fascinating background. Can you tell our audience about your journey?

So how did you end up in the Crypto space?

Can you explain your business model to our audience?

CurrentC is a public company, doing business under the Ticker Symbol, “POWR.” Being a public company is an expensive, labor-intensive endeavor. So I’m curious, why did you decide to go public?

So it’s my understanding that you don’t have to use energy to mine, but you’re in the energy business. Can you explain that to me?

Is Bitcoin a waste of energy?

There’s a lot of pressure on Crypto Mining companies to utilize renewable energy. Is your company green?

If you look at new Crypto projects, most are Proof of Stake. Don’t you think Proof of Work’s days are numbered?

Do you mine other coins besides Bitcoin?

What are you paying for power?

With all the hype around blockchain-tech and cryptocurrencies, I’m sure there are a lot of misconceptions to deal with as well. Can you clear the air on some of the biggest misconceptions?

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