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You do what you do best, allow Daven and his team to do what they do best. The Marketing Funnel Consulting & Development service will ensure you have a marketing funnel built for your product or service. Daven and his team are experts in building funnels, and the the service comprises of consulting sessions, copywriting, creating video sales letters, funnel development, payment integration and webinar creation. Every funnel is unique, Daven’s team will spend time with you, understanding your specific needs.


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The ‘Daven Michaels Business Development Mastery Program’ is a 12 month program that combines, coaching, exclusive masterminds and a 10 day business adventure vacation in the Philippines, learning the insights into working with virtual employees. Daven not only shares his experience, his team also helps you put into place your marketing funnel and lead generation.


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The Business Consulting & Funding service is for businesses that have different needs from marketing and business development. This service extends to capital engineering, process design and implementation. The team can develop business plans and all the assets required to successfully scale a business.