[ut_parallax_quote]Daven Michaels is uniquely qualified to guide you through the world of outsourcing, marketing, business development and lifestyle design.[/ut_parallax_quote]


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  1. Entrepreneurs need help now!
    Thousands of ‘one-man’ or ‘one-woman’ shows struggle because they don’t have the support they need to drive their business success. Michaels shows them how to leverage resources that will help their business thrive.
  2. Entrepreneurs can afford it!
    You can have dedicated outsourced employees helping your business grow every day? You can find highly-skilled, highly-educated individuals who are dependable, efficient and have a great attitude.
  3. Entrepreneurs need a global strategy!
    To grow, small businesses need to think like big businesses – looking for cost-cutting and efficiency. Michaels shows entrepreneurs how to adopt a global perspective and make the most of the resources available through communication technology. As always, he emphasizes innovation and resourcefulness, which is at the heart of successful business methodology. When you book Daven Michaels he brings a wealth of exclusive information you simply won’t hear from anyone else. Among other topics he addresses the following topics:


  • How to know if outsourcing is right for you
  • How to evaluate outsourcing companies
  • What overseas employees cost
  • The savings and benefits of outsourcing
  • Monitoring your outsourced employee
  • Transitioning to outsourced employees
  • The best regions for your companies outsourcing needs
  • The ups and downs of global outsourcing
  • Keeping an eye on the competition
  • The effect of outsourcing on the world economy