Jesus Nieves Scammer?


This review is my personal experience. Any conclusions drawn by myself are my opinions.

How It Started?

I’m putting up this informational site to share my experiences that I’ve had with the Puerto Rico designer Jesus Nieves.

The point of this site is to make sure others don’t make the same mistakes that I did working with this person. So I will try my best to avoid opinions, and just share facts.

When I first hired Jesus, I was really excited to start working with him. The day after we started, I was sharing my excitement with a friend over dinner.

But when I mentioned the name of my designer was Jesus, my friend interrupted:

“Please tell me his name isn’t Jesus Nieves,” my friend said.

When I confirmed, he said, “Can you get your money back?”

I asked him why.

“Well because he’s a chronic liar and a terrible person,” my friend replied.

At that point, it was too late to get my money back. I had no choice but to hope I would have a better experience. Unfortunately, I did not.

You can see below the issues I’ve had with Jesus Nieves over the last year. Although he did initially give me early drafts of his designs, they were not detailed and they were unusable.

So I’ve spent the last year trying to get the designs from Jesus, designs that I’ve fully paid for, to no avail. He lies about everything and he can’t keep an appointment.

You can see all the info below. I really hope this information can help you avoid going through the same hell that I went through.

Design Delays

Images 1 - 4

Date: 2/23/22 - 3/14/22

Excuses: Random situation, Didn't See Text, Power Generator

Electrical & Plumbing Delays

Images 5 - 9

Date: 3/30/22 - 4/15/22

Excuses: Checking with Engineers, No Signal, Got Voicemail, Ghosted, Phone is damaged, Will do over the weekend,

Budget Delays

Images 10 - 17

Date: 4/22/22 - 5/16/22

Excuses: Reviewing, Personal Situation, Working On It, Said that it was sent, blamed business partner, driving, waiting on something else, Done but will send in the afternoon, said he shouldn't be in charge of budget and blamed someone else,

AC Meeting

Image 18

Date: 4/22/22 - 4/22/22

Excuses: Blamed assistant

Entertainment Center & Deck Plans

Image 19 - 30

Date: 7/22/22 - 12/31/22

Excuses: Stuck in meeting, 1 word answer, ghosted, I need to get installers, will have tomorrow, waiting on engineer, been gone for a week, grandma in hospital, grandma died, I'm working on it,

No Show For Meetings

Image 30 - 34

Date: 1/2/23 - 12/31/22

Excuses: Car trouble, im waiting in the car now

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