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About The Uberstate App

Uberstate Inc. is a global leader in the field of real estate payment networks. Through its proprietary operating system DREAM O/S it is able to provide on demand liquidity for any buy/ sell transaction, financial instrument, or asset management of any real estate asset by using its digital currency RIT2.0.

Capital Markets

Private clients can purchase any amount of crypto currency in up to 30 different currencies from Uberstate with our private white glove OTC service.

Yield Wallet

Amplifies your returns through exposure to managed leverage in the decentralized financial markets with today's best defi staking products and services.


Easy access to today's top asset managers in FOREX and great returns for your investment portfolio.

Dream Wallet

Gain access to real estate deals right in your digital wallet. Get ready for DREAM Wallet by Uberstate.

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