Outsourcing – Test the Water

Outsourcing – Test the Water

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Daven Michaels

New York Times Bestselling Author, 30-year business veteran, and Executive Chairman of CurrentC Group.

Daven Michaels, 123Employee, Outsourcing in the Philippines, Offshore Outsourcing Services, Call Center Services, BPO Services Company, Call Center Services philippines, Philippine Call Center Services, Business Process Outsourcing Services, Outsourcing Company, Virtual assistantAt the outset of a new endeavor, a combination of anxiety and caution are warranted. It’s more comfortable if you don’t have to make a big commitment while you kick the tires and go for the test drive. You need a period of time to try out new ideas and practices for your business, and in that period of time you either gain confidence or decide it’s not your best choice.

This should be your approach if you are new to outsourcing as well. Don’t jump in with both feet and decide that you’re going to hand over all your bookkeeping and customer support in one fell swoop. Rather, move slowly toward a planned goal of outsourcing all the tasks that you can.

The best way to start with outsourcing is with just one. Start with just one outsourced employee at first. That’s exactly what I did.

After doing my research to find an outsourcing company I felt confident with, I used them to help me find my first employee to try out. As far as finding the right outsourcing company for you, I’ll get to that in an upcoming article.

To screen prospective employees for me, I gave the outsourcing company a list of what I was looking for in an ideal employee. Once the company had some candidates for me, I interviewed them myself, and then picked the one that I hoped could deliver what I needed.

So, get that first employee and give it try. How is that employee meeting your needs? Is this outsourced employee displaying the qualities and qualifications that you must have in order to continue your business success? Does the employee understand what you are asking them to do? Are they doing it right and making progress for your business?

If you are answering “yes” to these questions, congratulations! You’ve found a winner and a keeper. On the other hand, if you are answering “no” to any of these questions, go back to the outsourcing company and have them find you another employee to try.

Once you have found one outsourced employee that works well for you, it will be easier to find more. You’ll have more clarity about what you are looking for in your interview process and in your specifications to the outsourcing company.

And, believe me, once you’ve found an outsourcing company that can deliver quality workers for your business, you’ll wonder why you didn’t outsource sooner. Your business will be growing right before your very eyes. Just take that first step and try its.

You can find more of these tips in “Outsource This!” To get your copy, click here.

Daven Michaels is an award-winning outsourcer and author of the book, ‘Outsource This!’ Daven has been honored more than any other individual or outsourcing organization. You can get more information on outsourcing by visiting www.OutsourcingOutsourcing.Com.

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