Everybody’s Doing It

Everybody’s Doing It

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Daven Michaels

New York Times Bestselling Author, 30-year business veteran, and Executive Chairman of CurrentC Group.

You are a modern-day, small business owner. You’re hip to the market trends that impact your niche, and you’re savvy to the notion of best practices. How is all that working out for you so far? Are you able to spend all the time you’d like on each and every aspect of your business? Are you accomplishing everything that you need to fast enough?

If you’re like me, you can always use another pair of hands to get through the day’s To Do list. Also, if you’re like me, you cringe when you have to spend money on something that doesn’t show an immediate cash flow positive return. As we say around here, “today’s outgoing dollar better come back as two tomorrow.”

Do you know how your competition is getting it all done and staying on budget? I know. It’s simple. Your competition is using outsourcing. The cost of an outsourced staff is marginal compared to what you’d expect to pay a local staffer.

What’s it worth to you? By adding even just one worker who gets you a few more hot leads, imagine how that could increase revenue for your business. How about a staffer who could take care of your repetitive, menial tasks? How many more hours would that free up for you to be doing the critical stuff like closing deals?

Times are tough and competition is grueling. You cannot afford to spend your time doing anything but getting people to spend money on your products or services. So don’t. Hire someone to do the rest of the tasks for you.

If you decide that outsourcing is the right choice for your business, 123Employee is here to provide you with the highest quality staff at the most economical rates. In my 25 years of business, I’ve had a lot of first-hand experience with outsourced staffing. I know these representatives are the best, because I use them myself. Give us a call and try it yourself.

Daven Michaels is an award-winning outsourcer and author of the book, ‘Outsource This!’ Daven has been honored more than any other individual or outsourcing organization. You can get more information on outsourcing by visiting www.OutsourcingOutsourcing.Com.

13 thoughts on “Everybody’s Doing It”

  1. I’m one of those competitions and I’m proud to say that behind my back is 123Employee. Helping me everyday to the road of success. Outsourcing nowadays should be a part of someone who has a business, whatever genre of business you have.

  2. Great content!
    Outsourcing is indeed the solution to my concerns.
    Thanks for the information Daven.
    I will get my own VIrtual assistant!

  3. Yes this is very true, for business that so complicated and lots of advertising that need much attention, like building your own website, you need someone that has knowledge of handling this kind of work, if you had this type of problem I’ll recommend to get and hired some agent from 123Employee. It’s an ease to your business problem.

  4. outsourcing is indeed a great solution to lighten up your business loads.As i hired my VA in 123Employee, my life and my business works became easier. Thanks a lot Daven!

  5. Filipino are good so try to outsource in the Philippines.. I have A VA and she Is Filipina and she is working with me 5 months and she is doing her job well…
    Thanks Daven!!!

  6. Hey! I’ve outsourced several times but it didn’t work because I had a hard time coping up with the freelancers. Good things there is now a well established outsourcing company. Every business should take advantage of this.

    I highly recommend Daven Michaels’ 123Employee!

    I just started working with my 2 new Virtual Assistants.


  7. I am based in the UK and my friend is already a client of yours. Will definitely outsource my virtual assistant with your company. My friend is very happy and has only good words of praise.


  8. Wow! thanks for the information. I wanted to outsource before but didn’t want to go with home based agents. My brother had one and wasn’t happy. I will sign up as an affiliate and get my own virtual assistant.

  9. “123Employee is here to provide you with the highest quality staff at the most economical rates.”
    There are a lot of advantages that businessmen/firms get from outsourcing and these was stated almost in your blogs. Time and Money are two of the main elements of outsourcing. You save Time and You save Money! And that is definitely right! But some of the business leaders said, that to be successful in business one should not go for cost cutting but cut the wastage. And that, I also agree! Working in a business industry for a couple of years now, I can’t afford to put the quality of my business or product services at stake just to save time and money. But having 123 employee with me was a perfect decision, not only me but for all business leaders out there. Having 123 employee is like having a package deal! You save Time, You save Money, and you get the best Quality of service! Believe me!

  10. Magnifico! I believe that outsourcing on your company is very much great and this is the right choice for all business owners who are having many irons in the fire . Good thing to have an outsourcing company like this. I will enthrall this one via word of mouth recommendation and outsource on your company. Thanks Daven!


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