Hoof It! Book Launch

Hoof It! Book Launch

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If you are keen on your own personal development and are intent on achieving success I have a great book to recommend.

Dr Richard Norris, who has helped me on occasion, has written a book entitled, Hoof it! 7 Lessons on Your Journey of Success. Richard has been a competitive athlete, vet, an army officer, and is an award-winning business coach. He knows a thing or two. He has high standards and tends to do things slightly differently.

Unlike other books on success and leadership, Hoof it! is not dry nor does it dish up the same old stuff in the same way as most business books.

Hoof it! is told in the age-old form of story-telling. It is a story about life, leadership, legacy and success told by an orphaned Wildebeest calf named Vic who is mentored by an old bull on the annual migration on the Serengetti. Along the way Vic learns about 7 key lessons about success.

Richard asked for my honest opinion and I think it is a masterfully told story. A few people have even said it would make a great animated movie for the likes of Disney or Dreamworks. I agree.

Hoof it! contains practical lessons we can all learn from. Even better, Richard has added some simple exercises at the end of each lesson so that by the end of the book you will have an action plan to progress your own Journey of Success.
This in one book I will refer to again and again. It is so practical.

Hoof it! is available now. Click here to check it out!

You will likely see me on the site as I have offered a bonus, along with some other thought leaders Richard knows. The value of the bonuses alone is over $2000 — which significantly exceeds the cost of a copy.

Have fun and Hoof it! Buy a copy, take advantage of the bonuses and enjoy your Journey of Success.

It would be great to see Hoof it! as a best-seller on Amazon and even on the New York Times Best-seller List. Richard has been an important contact and I would like to thank him for all the support he has given me. Let’s help him along his Journey of Success too. Tell people about Hoof it! and post your comments at Hoof It! Book.

Daven Michaels,
CEO, 123Employee

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