Outsourcing is Good for America – Seriously!

Outsourcing is Good for America – Seriously!

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global-285x202Virtually everyone on the planet already knows that China has become a key importer of consumer and industrial goods. May be in a short time, India will do the same. Outsourcing has really stood the test of time.In the early 19th century, the US was actually a poor (yes, poor!) developing country. The European capital assisted in helping to finance the American railroads, canals and even helped to finance new factories while the labor force in the United States began to produce goods that successfully competed with European made goods.

Because the markets were quite open and also somewhat competitive, both the Americans and Europeans benefited immensely from this process. Thankfully, employment creation and economic development took place on both sides of the Atlantic. At the moment, service providers outside the country prefer to use “American made” computers, equipment, software, and telecommunications. Top outsourcing countries also obtain monetary, legal and marketing services from the United States.

There are some job processes that cannot be outsourced because in these particular job functions, personal contact is very important. It will definitely take domestic companies to come up with new products and or services to meet the needs of local customers. You really need to understand that outsourcing is not going to be the ruin of America, as a matter of fact a lot of the people we work with consistently remain close by – do you have to travel to India in order to see a dentist when you have a tooth ache? Or do you have to travel to get a lawyer, doctor, plumber? etc.

You will definitely begin to notice that after sometime that more and more jobs will be created than outsourced in America. The United States is popular for its open labor market – this is a characteristic that is basic to our country’s economic vitality. Do you know that about a million employees are tired of their jobs or simply hand-in their resignation letter each week and an equal number is hired to take their place right away? Agreed, it is a lot harder to lay off workers in countries like Japan and Europe than in the United States. You also need to understand that many foreign companies still come to the United States in order to set up operations and hire Americans to work in these businesses.

So, do not be afraid to outsource business tasks to offshore countries.

Daven Michaels

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