Outsourcing: Time is the Biggest Factor

Outsourcing: Time is the Biggest Factor

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Daven Michaels

New York Times Bestselling Author, 30-year business veteran, and Executive Chairman of CurrentC Group.

 Daven Michaels, 123Employee, Outsourcing in the Philippines, Offshore Outsourcing Services, Call Center Services, BPO Services Company, Call Center Services philippines, Philippine Call Center Services, Business Process Outsourcing Services, Outsourcing Company, Virtual assistantNever before in the history of business has time been so important. Keeping up with all the changes taking place on the Internet, managing your employees and conducting critical research to stay on top is stretching already limited resources to the max. And with the minimum wage increasing every year, businesses are having a difficult time making ends meet. It is no surprise that companies all over the world are turning to overseas outsourcing as a solution to their needs.

It is what it is, but labor in overseas countries are able to work for far less than a worker here in the US. Overseas workers are happy to work. The history of their countries has made it difficult in the past for the population to find quality and steady employment. As the world grows smaller, each country is sharing with each other it’s unique resources. And each country gets to benefit from this interaction.

We in the US are very lucky indeed. But times can be tough during economic corrections that periodically take place. Instead of the economy crashing completely, Americans tighten their belts and look for help wherever they can. Time becomes a major factor because of the amount of work involved in running a company, whether times are good or not. Your company cannot just ignore critical tasks because there is little “time.” To stay on top of busy company tasks, outsourcing takes on a very important role.

Helping each other out spreads the wealth out evenly. When American companies reach a more efficiant profitability they can invest in our resources right here at home. using the capable and welcome workers in other countries gives them the chance at a global economy of their own. The tasks that we no longer have the time for gives the overseas worker a chance to keep his family fed. In each generation, the time factor becomes different for business. As we invent more time efficiant machines to make life easier, the time to learn to run and maintain those machines becomes more limited. Outsourcing is a win/win for everyone involved. Take a second look at how outsourcing can change the way you do business forever.

Daven Michaels is an award-winning outsourcer and author of the book, ‘Outsource This!’ Daven has been honored more than any other individual or outsourcing organization. You can get more information on outsourcing by visiting www.123Employee.com

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