Outsourcing – Test the Water

At the outset of a new endeavor, a combination of anxiety and caution are warranted. It’s more comfortable if you don’t have to make a big commitment while you kick the tires and go for the test drive. You need a period of time to try out new ideas and practices for your business, and … Read more

Be Cautious About Outsourcing?

A statement from the Federation of Small Businesses urges small business owners to be cautious about outsourcing: “People should make sure they are getting the right service for the size of company they are. They should not have to shell out for blanket coverage. It’s about striking a balance.” What kind of balance are you … Read more

What’s the Point?

Monday, January 26, 2009 was dubbed “Bloody Monday” by the media for the 50,000 jobs that were cut from the workforce of the United States that day. This is a sad reality that we are facing here in America, but it does not stop within our boarders. As jobs are cut here, the wave ripples … Read more

Everybody’s Doing It

You are a modern-day, small business owner. You’re hip to the market trends that impact your niche, and you’re savvy to the notion of best practices. How is all that working out for you so far? Are you able to spend all the time you’d like on each and every aspect of your business? Are … Read more

Consider the Philippines for Outsourcing

Perhaps you’ve never considered the Philippines as a place to find outsourced resources. Now is the time. You need a workforce at a fraction of the cost you’re being quoted by local workers. Our representatives at 123Employee are fluent English speakers with solid skills who can make your dollars go further. Reliability is what you … Read more

How to Effectively Choose your outsourcing Partners

Most businesses are searching for ways to effectively cut down costs, especially with the present global financial crisis. One of the most important methods of doing this is to first identify very costly business processes and departments that incur much cost. When you have done this, a lot of managers identify bodies outside the company … Read more

How to Effectively Outsource Hiring

As your business continues to experience growth, you may actually need to expand your workforce. Here is an effective way you can use outsource hiring in order to encourage the expansion of your company. You will need to learn about job outsourcing before you start to shuffle resources and personnel. The subject of outsourcing on … Read more

Managing Business Growth Using Outsourcing

There sure comes a time in the life of every entrepreneur when his or her business booms, the phone will be literally ringing of the hook and the entrepreneur is running full speed ahead in order to keep up. When you eventually reach this point, you of course have the choice to crash and burn … Read more