Blueprint For Running A Remote Team

Running multi-million dollar launches from just my laptop and a cellphone, requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. You have to know your weaknesses, you have to find your perfect role, and you have to hire the right people. It’s not an easy thing to do. But, if you do it right, you can … Read more

Have you ever attended a Mastermind?

Have you ever attended a Mastermind? Do you even know what a Mastermind is? Imagine this: A collection of entrepreneurs coming together for several days at a time with the sole purpose to exchange ideas and help take each other’s businesses to higher highs. 15 years ago, that would have sounded like science fiction to … Read more

How Golf Solves Business Problems

In the middle of a $2 million launch, my team and I were facing some frustrating results. And after working long days and long nights I could see the burnout starting to creep in. As an entrepreneur especially, when there’s no time clock to punch and you take your work with you everywhere you go, … Read more

200 Webinars in 30 Days = $2 Million

Most digital marketers follow the Product Launch Formula. It’s popular. It’s time-tested. And it’s so overdone that audiences have become numb to it. I don’t like doing things other people are doing. I like to push the boundaries. I like to shake things up. I’m always looking for new ways to inject innovation, automation, and … Read more

Invest in Your Craft (the RIGHT Way)

In any discipline, the top 1% performers have one thing in common… they never stop learning and improving, and honing their craft. It took a significant investment of time and practice (and money) to get to where I am right now. But it was all worth it to have a life where people across the … Read more