Do We Have Enough Evidence To Call Bitcoin “Digital Gold”?

What’s the deal with all these “Bitcoin vs. Gold” articles popping up lately? It seems to be one of those topics that everyone seems to have a strong opinion about. And, since I’m a trendy guy, with plenty of opinions about Crypto, I figured I’d join the party. One thing I’ve noticed about all these … Read more

Eradicating Global Poverty with Blockchain

Blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance platforms are powerful tools with the potential to improve nearly every aspect of society. In this post, I explore a few ways I think they might be used to revitalize struggling agriculture industries, specifically.

When Things Go Wrong… Go Golfing

Look, I’ve never been one of those corporate stiffs who does all my deals on a golf course. To be honest, I barely know the difference between a pitching wedge and a putter. But when my $2 million launch was hitting a rough patch, I knew I needed to shake things up in order to … Read more

Anatomy Of A $2MM Launch (200 Webinars in 30 Days!)

What does it take to run 200 webinars in 30 days and hit a $2 million launch goal? It takes a lot of planning, a lot of work, and a dedicated team of superstars! We recorded the entire launch, but this VLOG comes from footage we shot on Day #1. It’s a behind-the-scenes look into … Read more

Why Have An MBA, When You Could Have An MGB?

We all know what an MBA is. You go to a university, give them a boatload of your money and your precious time and, in return, they agree to call you a “Master of Business Administration.” It will definitely help you get a job, or a promotion, or a raise. But if you’re trying to … Read more


As entrepreneurs, the hardest task most of us face is trying to turn it off. And I don’t mean simply stepping away from your computer and phone for an hour. I mean actually shutting down the business side of your brain and fully relaxing. Being metally engaged 24/7 is a recipe for disaster. You’ll get … Read more