Philippines As an Outsourcing Country

Philippines As an Outsourcing Country

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imagesBPO or business process outsourcing is big business in countries such as the Philippines, India, Russia, China and South America. In recent years many US and European jobs have drifted to these locations to outsource accounting, information technology, services and manufacturing positions. Although outsourcing has been part of any company’s business model for a few years already, only a decade ago that it has reached an unprecedented rise in demand as more and more American and European companies got aggressively involved in such dealings.

Among the top ten locations, the Philippines has seen tremendous growth in BPO. In fact, many companies are finding it easy to deal with the talent from this location because of its English speaking abilities, affinity to American culture and fast learning capabilities.

There are many more reasons multinational companies are drawn to the Philippines as an outsourcing country. Here are some more reasons to consider this location your next stop for BPO:

1. High literacy rate. Among the developing countries, Philippines ranks very high on the literacy rate which stands at 94%. City dwellers are bilingual. Filipino (the national language) and English are widely spoken.
2. College educated pool of talent. If you outsource to the Philippines, you can have pick of third party service providers who have a talent pool of college graduates and professionals.
3. Flexible. The rotation in working hours is not a problem. Some even want to work on nights because of the extra benefits. 24/7 businesses thrives in the Philippines.
4. Efficient and hardworking. Highly skilled, diligent and fast learners, the Philippines can compete with the rest of the world even when it comes to the most technical type of jobs.
5. Exposure. Most Filipinos like the professional experience that they get from multicultural environment. Working for multinational companies is preferred by most professionals because of the invaluable exposure that they get from it.
6. Highly trainable. With the proper training, Filipinos can easily adapt to new concepts and goals.
7. Wide coverage. Outsourcing locations are not only concentrated in its capital city, most cities nationwide are also in place to accommodate more projects.
8. Cultural affinity. There are many schools in the Philippines that are patterned after the American educational system. Since the Philippines was a colony of the US, western ideas and thoughts are not really alien to its people. More so, with Filipinos’ high level of adaptability, they can grasp western concepts easily. So when you introduce western concepts to this country’s workforce, you are assured that they will easily understand what you want to achieve.
9. Loyalty and retention. Despite the shifting schedule, many young professionals prefer to work for multinational companies so it’s easy to keep them for the duration of the project.

With the above mentioned reasons and for as long as the opportunities for growth and benefits are well defined, the Philippines will always be a top destination for offshoring accounts.

Daven Michaels is an award-winning outsourcer and author of the book, ‘Outsource This!’ Daven has been honored more than any other individual or outsourcing organization. You can get more information on outsourcing by visiting

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