Outsourcing Customer Service VS Hiring Full-time Customer Reps

 Outsourcing customer service has become a popular practice in today’s business world. Many companies and businesses are resorting to both offshore and on-shore customer service outsourcing companies to provide customer service. Perhaps, you’re wondering why this trend and what companies gain by going that route. Keep reading to learn why. Highlights of Outsourced Customer … Read more

Leverage Your Marketing with LinkedIn

Chances are, as a business person you’ve been navigating social media for a while and you probably have a LinkedIn profile. But if you don’t, the attached video will tell you what it is and how you might be missing out on one of the least expensive and effortless ways to market your business. LinkedIn … Read more

How Can You Determine Whether Your Business is Ready for Outsourcing?

Every business can benefit from some form of outsourcing. In fact, you’re probably doing some form of outsourcing right now. Do you own a commercial printer or do you send out your flyers and promotional materials to be designed and printed by a print shop? Unless you’re doing it yourself, you’re outsourcing. The attached video … Read more

Will You Be Ready When Opportunity Comes Knocking?

Have you been thinking about what it would be like to take advantage of one or more of the ripe opportunities available in today’s global marketplace? Thinking about it will take you only half way. Sooner or later you’re going to have to take action, and hopefully you’ll do that before the opportunity passes you … Read more

Do You Know How To Manage Your Virtual Assistant?

As an entrepreneur, your goal is to grow your business and generate income. If you’re still working your day job, your time is probably limited. You may need to hire an assistant to help with tasks such as social media, email management and/or other tasks that don’t necessarily have to be your responsibility. The attached … Read more

Are you Holding Your Business Back by Being Unwilling to Outsource Tasks?

Talk show host, Kristen White, and I recently addressed the challenges entrepreneurs face when dealing with expanding businesses and growing workloads, along with the difficulties many have with delegating tasks. Because entrepreneurs are doers by nature, they often believe no one can perform a task as well as they can. Does this remind you of … Read more

No More Excuses! Begin Again Anytime

Woulda-Shoulda-Coulda; do you recognize those words? It’s easy to look back and wish you “would have” followed a dream or “should have” done something when you had the chance and even “could have” … but you didn’t. Why? Don’t beat yourself up with the answer. There are people who’ve made it to the end of … Read more

Outsourcing: A Matter of Trust, Training and Tackling

  In the attached video, a participant in Beyond Business Live shares openly about his fear of letting go and trusting others to support him. My experience has shown me time after time that he isn’t alone. A lot of entrepreneurs have trust issues. They do everything in their business because want the job done … Read more

Grow Your Business Effortlessly by Outsourcing Your Marketing

As an entrepreneur, you’ve taken steps many people are unwilling to take. You’ve worked hard to put your ideas into motion and the last thing you need is to slow your momentum by adding tasks to your daily to-do list. There are some things you can definitely bypass. Marketing is not one of them. Without … Read more