Outsourcing- Good for America’s Economy?

That’s right . . . outsourcing supports the economic recovery of the U.S. I promise. Don’t believe me? Well, here are a few solid reasons why outsourcing is a good thing: Keeps American entrepreneurs and small businesses in business, even when money is scarce Enables American small businesses to grow, thereby providing more jobs for … Read more

Calling Center Services – Is It Good for Your Business?

The key to success of any business is a good communication system. Operating a call center can be quite expensive and it can really reduce your overall profits. Outsourcing the calling center services ensures that your products get the required exposure which in turn increases the sales and gives a platform for the services you … Read more

Outsourcing and American Management

Over the course of these articles, we’ve pointed out some important elements to consider when looking for the right outsourcing partner. Here’s another that bears great consequence: who’s managing the operation? Let’s cut straight to the chase. You’ve got to have someone on your side who can advocate for your interests within the outsourcing company. … Read more

Calling Center Services – Types of Call Center Services Part 1

There are three types of calling center services. Most of the outsourcing companies offer all these services while others specialize in one or two services. It is important to note that a contact center company is not restricted by law to offer all the types of calling services. Therefore if you want to start your … Read more

Services BPO- How to Start Your Own Company

Services BPO is an acronym which stands for Business Process Outsourcing. It usually involves hiring a different company to carry out certain duties on behalf of the parent company. In most cases, businesses outsource the services that are considered as noncore so that they can concentrate all their attention to the core functions which might … Read more

Pros and cons of outsourcing – Are they worth the risk?

There are a few pros and cons of outsourcing however the pros outweigh the cons. Thus it is beneficial to outsource certain services to other companies. When you hear the word outsourcing, the first thing that you think of is how you can save costs. This is the first and the widely known merit of … Read more

Outsourcing-The Interview Process

This week I’ve got something really basic and yet super important to share with you about outsourcing. The reason I say, “really basic” is that I expect you might say, “duh!” when you read it. But it’s also fundamentally important to your success, and most people thinking about outsourcing don’t realize that this suggestion is … Read more

Outsourcing: Be Specific

Clarity is the foundation of success. You must know what you want before you can ask for it or achieve it yourself. This applies to successful outsourcing as well. Before you hire outsourced help, get really clear about what you want from the outsourcing company and the employees they will supply you with. What specific … Read more

Outsourcing: Why Not India?

Whether you overhear a conversation about outsourcing or you join in such a conversation, the underlying assumption is that the outsourced workforce originates from India. This is for good reason. The popular media has focused only on India as the hub for outsourced workers. Although this is true, I’d like to warn you that India … Read more

Consider Location When Outsourcing

If you’ve considered outsourcing at all, have you given any thought to where in the world you would outsource from? Does location of your resources even matter? It matters big time. By now, we’ve all had the experience of calling a company that we need service from or help with one of their products and … Read more